Dan Lavery  digital photo artist


My artistic expression finds its source in the interpretation of everyday objects set in unusual surroundings.  My digital landscapes, developed with the aid of texture, colour, shape and line, define a space wherein one finds the familiar.  It is my intention that subjects so rendered, will invoke a renewed perspective and appreciation.  It is in essence, the elements of design, in whatever form they are presented to me that fascinate me and fan the flames of my creativity.  This fascination is deep rooted and has been a part of me long before I even knew what the elements of design were.  To give substance to that vision I must include a love and curiosity of things mechanical, modes of transportation, vintage anything and the world of small.  I just love looking at things in detail and discovering how they are put together.  I then ask myself, how do I interpret this, and what story can I tell.

I was born in Ireland and from a young age created sketches of favourite TV characters or whatever struck my fancy.  I received my first camera at age sixteen and have been intrigued by the photographic image ever since.  My working life as a successful potter for ten years satisfied my artistic nature.  Once I re-located to Canada, I continued teaching pottery at Western University in London, Ontario before entering the teaching profession, where I taught Art.  In 2012, I retired from a fulfilling career in education as a Principal for the Thames Valley District Board of Education. 

Since starting this new phase of my life, I have concentrated on building a second career focusing on photography with an emphasis on the world of digital photo artistry.  I credit two courses created by Sebastian Michaels; “Photoshop Artistry” & “Awake, Living the Photo-Artistic Life,” with providing both the skills and inspiration to fully embrace my life as an artist. 

I have had many of my images published in several editions of, “Living The Photo-Artistic Life,” a magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of digital artists throughout the world. I have also successfully published a virtual book, “365 Macro Project & Other Small Stuff,” which can be found athttp://www.blurb.com/ebooks/570117-365-project-other-small-stuff


Click on the front cover to see some of my images in issues 6 through 21 of Living The Photo Artistic Life.

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